Indications of Acticarbine

Acticarbine treats digestive discomforts and bloating for adults. 

Box of 42  white sugar-coated tablets. 


This medication should not be taken if you are hypersensitive to one of its components. This drug should not be taken during pregnancy unless with doctor’s consent.

If in doubt, it is advisable to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Precautions for use

– Bloating & Flatulences: avoid dry vegetables (lentils, flageolets, peas…) and some green vegetables (cabbage, Brussel sprouts, chard…). 

– For diarrhoea it is recommended to: 

* rehydrate yourself with sweet or savoury drinks to compensate for the loss of water by diarrhoea (recommended daily amount is 2 litres for adults). 

* eat during diarrhoea:

* avoiding some foods such as crudities, fruit, green vegetables, spicy dishes as well as frozen drinks & foods. 

* eat grilled meat and rice. 

Interaction with other drugs

Acticarbine can reduce the absorption of other drugs so they need to be taken with a 2-hour gap between this one. 

To avoid any interactions with other drugs, inform your doctor or pharmacist of all current treatment. 

Pregnancy and breast feeding

Pregnancy: It is not recommended to take this drug during pregnancy without medical advice. 

If you discover that you’re pregnant during the treatment, consult your doctor who is the only person who can judge whether the drug should be continued.

Breast feeding: This drug is not recommended during breast feeding.

During pregnancy and breast feeding it is always recommended to consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any type of drug.



Only to be used by adults.

1-2 tablets before meals swallowed with a glass of water. 

Side effects

This drug can cause side effects especially a discolouration in faeces. 

Consult your doctor or pharmacist of any side effects that are not mentioned in this description.

Composition of Acticarbine

Per tablet:

Papaverine hydrochloride: 14mg

Active charcoal: 70mg

Storage conditions

Keep out of reach and view from children. Do not exceed the expiry date indicated on the outer packaging.

Fight against digestion discomfort

It can become a daily problem. If you have reoccurring worries, speak with your doctor. If you do not see any signs of improvement consult your doctor. 

If your symptoms persist, consult your doctor.